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Winter Car Wash Common Questions!

Washing your car in winter can be a daunting task, especially when temperatures are below freezing. Here are some common questions that car owners may have about washing their car in winter. Splash strives to give you the best winter wash you can find anywhere.

1) Can you wash your car when it is freezing outside?

Yes absolutely, but there are some key factors to keep in mind. You want your car to be in a warm area when it is done. By doing this the water won't be able to freeze on the surface of your vehicle. Here at Splash, both our Libertyville and Northbrook locations are indoors and temperature controlled. Making sure your car can warm up when the water hits the surface preventing ice buildup on your vehicle. Remember metal will change in temperature much more quickly than its environment.

2) Will my doors freeze up with a car wash in the winter?

Yes most door jambs are not going to be insulated and will freeze if going through a regular wash. Luckily Splash does wipe down door jambs with every wash to ensure you won't run into these issues even in the harshest elements.

3) Why is it so important to get the salt off of my car's paint?

Salt is a corrosive substance and is one of the leading factors in creating swirls, rust and eating through your clear coat. Any type of car wash will help get the salt off but Splash is able to focus on where the salt is concentrated and pay special attention to the rim and lower rocker panels.

4) What is the best way to protect your car in the winter?

The easiest and most cost effective way is a good coat of wax. Wax has done a great job for a long time at keeping the environment off of your paint. Whether it's a spray wax or a hand applied wax Splash has you covered. The new products and services such as ceramic coatings and paint protection film are what we recommend for keeping your car clean and looking new all year round but is important to do a consultation to see which is right for your vehicle.

5) Does Splash need an appointment for a winter wash?

Nope! Our wash is first come first serve no reservation required. We are open 7 days a week but are weather dependent. So if its snowing buckets or raining cats and dogs we recommend a quick call before making the trip over. We do take a little longer per vehicle in the winter but this is to ensure our quality stays top notch. See you soon!


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