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Toyota Sienna Shampoo Transformation

The Before


This customer needed some help getting his car looking new again and he came to the right place to give it the ultimate transformation. We always do a pre-inspection of the car to make sure the customer makes the right choice to exceed expectations. This particular shampoo did have an accident in the back seat that we had to remove the seats so we could clean it properly. This car received a shampoo, we did have to charge a biohazard fee too and we did a complimentary ozone treatment to kill all the bacteria in the car.

The Process


This vehicle was an all day project! We went through and scrubbed out the entire front cabin. This includes all those tough to reach places along the dash and center console. The biggest transformation was the seats and how they were restored to like new condition. Soaking and shampooing all the carpets with an enzyme cleaner gave the carpet a much needed cleaning. After cleaning every inch inside we put large industrial air movers inside the vehicle to dry the carpets and remove any lasting moisture. The next day we left the ozone machine inside the van for 3 hours killing anything left in the vehicle. Watch below as the Splash crew attacks this project.

The Finale

The moment that makes it all worth it is how great this car came out. The time and effort put in from our amazing detailers are the reason people trust Splash to do these types of transformations. If you or someone you know has a car that needs this give us a call or reach out on our website to get this scheduled and we know you wont be disappointed!

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