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Motorcycle Mobile Detailing

Bikes, Trikes and Side Cars!

Detailing vehicles with less than 4 wheels are always a fun change of pace for our mobile unit. We cater our services to detail your motorcycle, leaving it clean and protected. When cleaning a motorcycle Splash will always use a ph safe soap that is safe for any paint job. Even though Bikes are smaller than a car many times they take as much time or more because of all the small details that need attention. Many times the fronts of these bikes need a bug treatment to ensure the bugs caught on the road do not stain the paint. If a light polish is needed we are able to provide that on site as well. We use a no acidic wheel cleaner to get in to the spokes on the wheel and leave them looking like new. After the wash we go through and use compressed air to blow out any trapped water and moisture.

Cleaning a motorcycle is one thing but protection is just as important. This is when we seal in your nice clean motorcycle with a ceramic spray that will hold up for upwards of 4 weeks. Along with the ceramic for your paint we add a leather conditioner for your leather seat to help prevent fading and cracking.

A couple notes to consider is we usually do not dress the tires unless requested as it can leave the tires a little slick. Mobile detailing is weather permiting, we do need temperatures above 50 degrees to work without complications. Also we usually do not move the bikes. So when we come to clean, please leave it in a place where we can wash it. Lastly we would like to note that if you do want to ceramic coat your bike we would prefer to do this in store as it does undergo a more extensive paint correction and can't be exposed to the elements as the ceramic cures.

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