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What Is On My Car?

Our cars go through a lot, rock chips, bugs, mud puddles, getting covered in snow, or leaves, getting hit by shopping carts, or that side of the garage that came out of nowhere. No matter how careful we are with our cars something is bound to happen. Here are the most common things we see:


Black spots on your bottom rocker panel? It's road tar. Summer is the season of construction, which can cause a lot of wear and tear on our vehicles. When you drive through road tar that isn't completely dry it transfers to your car. Make sure to drive slowly through construction to help minimize your chance of getting road tar on your car!

Road tar on white car

Rail Dust

What is rail dust? At times you may have noticed little orange specks on the paint of your car and have wondered where it came from. When small metal particles land on your vehicle and rust, small specks can form. This is called rail dust. Rail dust happens when driving over railroad tracks, and mainly affects white cars.

Garage Drip

Garage Drip

Garage Drip is caused by water containing minerals and concrete powder falling on your vehicle. This mainly happens in parking garages but can also happen while driving under a bridge or tunnel. This process causes a dull white stain that many mistake for hard to clean bird droppings. If you plan on leaving your car in a parking garage for long periods of time, invest in a car cover to help prevent this.

Tree Sap

Raised spots of white, or yellow substance? It's tree sap! Trees tend to drop more sap in the spring, but it can. happen all year. The sticky sap dries and hardens on your car, leaving hard spots all over. The shade of trees seems like a great idea to keep your car cooler but DON"T DO IT.


Unfortunately these contaminants will not come off with a car wash. They do require additional time, chemicals, and polishing sometimes. We offer many exterior details to help maintain the shine of your car! The best way to keep your car looking as good as new is to keep up with regular Hand Waxes, or Ceramic Coat your car, let us know how we can help!

Visit our website to book a Hand Wax and see the Details we offer!

Decontaminate paint


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