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When to shampoo your vehicle?

Splash being a full service hand car wash and detail center has seen its fair share of cars that are in dire need of a shampoo. As someone who cares about their vehicle how are you supposed to know when is it time to get a full blown detail where your carpets and seats are scrubbed and extracted? Well we will go through and talk about the most common scenarios we see and the time of year we see it most.

EMERGENCY :The number one cause for needing to get a car thoroughly scrubbed from bumper to bumper is when there is an emergency. These range from the milk spillage to the dog accident. These are events that need attention right away and Splash has emergency space dedicated to helping you when this happens. Many times we will say bring the car asap so we can at least take the proper steps to eliminate the chance of long term smells and health concerns. Skip the online booking and call us directly we will do everything we can to help.

USED CAR: Next is less gross (sometimes) and less urgent. This is when you buy a used car and you want to have the car feel like it hasn't been driven by another person. This is very common as well and we always recommend leaving the car overnight so we can properly dry the vehicle.

SUMMER AND WINTER: There are two common times during the year where we see people request a shampoo and that is after the summer and after the winter. Each season for different reasons. After summer we know a lot of people take road trips and use there car for more than just normal activities. A shampoo service hits the reset button on the interior letting your car stay clean for the next 6 months. The after winter service is 100% dependent on if there is salt on the

carpet from the snowy months. More often than not we are going to actually down sell you to just shampooing the driver side as that is usually were we see the most distress. We always recommend going with some type of rubber floor mat to help preserve those carpets.


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