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Car Wash Myth Busters!

Over the years there have been many myths and "secrets" to get your car as clean as possible, but are these real? Theres many myths out there that have no actual fact behind them. These myths are not true and may end up damaging your car! It's always best to use products specifically for cars!


Dish soap is okay to use to wash your car at home (false) - Dish soap is great to get caked on messes off of your dishes so it make sense that it would be great to get the dirt and grime off your car as well, right? Wrong. Dish soap is so strong that it can actually pull off your wax and sealant and damage the clear coat. If you're using dish soap on plastic trim is can cause discoloration and fading. When washing your car at home it's best to use designated car wash soap.

Newspaper cleans windows streak free (false)- It's an age old myth that the only way to get windows streak free is with newspaper, however newspaper doesn't actually absorb any of the dirt that's on your windows, it just spreads it around causing more streaks. Also once the newspaper gets wet, the ink and chemicals can transfer to your window leaving marks, scratches or streaks. A clean dry towel is the best way to clean your windows, streak free!

My car is brand new, it doesn't need to be detailed (false)- Prior to being sold cars go through a lot in terms of transport, and storage. Between the manufacture date and the date you purchase a car can sometimes be up to a year! That means, during that time the car was traveling to the dealer, and sitting outside in the lot waiting to be sold. While the car is brand new to you, it is very likely that the paint went through contaminants, and debris prior to you taking it home. It is very important to inspect the status of the paint upon purchase, it may need to be polished and waxed!


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