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Not All Paint Colors are Created Equal

When buying a car you normally choose a color based on your preference but are some colors better than others? The color of your car can affect the amount of maintenance you need to keep up the cars paint, and the longevity of the beautiful new car shine.


Easiest to Maintain:

Silver or Champagne- Silver cars are great at hiding swirl marks, scratches and even dirt. Silver is also very forgiving in regards to heat build-up in the summer months. The only maintenance you really need for silver cars are keeping up with hand washing, and waxing your car twice a year.

White- White cars are also great at hiding scratches and swirls however not as forgiving with dirt and debris. You may never need to buff a white car but you will eventually need a clay bar. White cars develop small yellow or brown spots which are a result from metal shavings from railroad tracks or metallic brake pads embedding into the paint. The clay bar removes the yellow spots and keeping up with waxing at least twice a year helps to prevent that.


Hardest to maintain:

Black- While a blacked out car looks amazing when clean and detailed they are the hardest to keep up with.

Maintenance would include a two step polish to get rid of swirl marks and scratches. frequent hand washes, and wax 3 times a year. Black cars are the first to show dirt and look dirty the fastest even though they look the best when clean! Another downfall to black cars is they absorb so much heat! Black, or dark blue cars are the hardest to keep up with however if you do keep up with it they hands down look the best and shiniest!

Red- A bright red car looks sporty and cool. While red cars do a little better job at hiding the scratches than black cars, they don't do a great job at it. Also with older red cars theres the risk of the paint oxidizing or fading if left in the sun. There's also the myth that red cars get pulled over more often, however that hasn't actually been proven!


The darker the color the harder it is to keep clean. However keeping up with waxes and hand washes will keep any color looking great! Maybe next time you'll think twice about getting the beautiful deep glossy black car and choose the sleek shiny silver!

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