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Keep Your Interior Protected

Interior of Car

The winter months take a huge toll on any car, leaving them damaged come spring. Things like road salt, shoes that are wet and covered in mud, and many other outdoor elements are susceptible to damaging the nice interior of your car. Though, most car owners know the importance of protecting the outside exterior of the car and will likely have a wax treatment they seldom remember the importance of interior car maintenance. Here are a few ways to improve and better your car interior through the winter…

Add Rubber Mats

Adding rubber mats to your car is a great way to protect the interior carpets from getting wet and mud ridden. During the winter months the ice, snow, mud and salt can cause staining to the rugs and eventually corrode.

To keep the rubber mats clean through the winter check out Splash’s #4 wash “Super Splash”, where we pull the mats out, pressure wash them, dry them, and put them back in.

The Shield Detail

Splash offers a premium exterior detail called “Shield Detail”. The detail will leave the interior of your car protected through the winter months.

  • Thorough vacuum with compressed air.

  • Seats are leather conditioned

  • Vinyl Treatment

  • Center console, seats and vents are steamed cleaned.

Let the Experts and Splash Hand Car Wash and Detail help protect the interior of your car this year.

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