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Prepping Your Car For Winter

Protecting your car becomes tougher than ever with winter approaching, luckily Splash has all of the services needed to protect your car. The best solution car owners have is to get their car waxed. A waxed car is not only visually appealing, but also has long-term benefits to protect your investment. Here are two reasons to get your car waxed this November!

November Special

Don’t miss your chance to get two coats of wax for the price of one. This is a “can’t beat deal” that will ensure your car stays protected this season. Schedule an appointment before it’s to late!

Specialized Winter Waxes

Griots Garage Poly Wax

- Latest Synthetic Polymer Technology

- Most Durable Paint Protection That Lasts Months

- Achieves High Gloss

- Perfect for Darker color cars (Red, Black, Blue, Etc.)

Collinite Insulator Wax

- Easy On, Easy Off Protection

- Perfect For Lighter Color Cars (White, Grey, Silver)

-Durable To Winter Elements (Salt, Snow, Etc.)

- Contains No Abrasive Or Cleaners

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