Do You Need to "Warm up Your Car"?

As the colder temperatures are coming our way we may be inclined to start "warming up our cars" before we have to go anywhere. This myth, from the carburetor days when cars had to sit idle until reaching an operating temperature is outdated. Nowadays we have this fancy technology called fuel injected engines, which make warming up your car unnecessary.

"But the car's so cold!" Here's the real kicker. Warming up your car does not in fact warm up the car any faster. The truth is once we start driving the car and giving gas to the engine the engine will warm up faster ang give warm air inside faster as well. So get in, start driving and feel the warm air hitting you in the face.

Another issue with warming up your car would be the fact that it wastes your gas, and causes unnecessary wear and tear on your engine. We are in no way saying to start your car in sub-zero temperatures and try to hit that 0 to 60mph in 3.5 seconds. Just save yourself the walk to your car and the 20 minutes of "Warming it up" and just get going.

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