How to Tell if you Need a Wax or a Detail?

Next month is one of the best deals of the year 2 coats of wax for the price of 1! But how do you know if you just need a coat of wax or if you need a full exterior detail? Here are a couple of tricks we use to help recommend the best detail for you!

1. What color is your car?- lighter colored cars like white or silver rarely need to be buffed, thats because swirl marks and some scratches are very hard to see with light cars.

2. Do you see any swirl marks?- minor swirls marks will do a disappearing act with our One-Step Polish, but only putting a coat of wax on top of the swirls marks may help to hide them, but they are still there!

3. Do you park your car in a garage or outside?- Garage kept cars can stay in better condition because they are less exposed to the elements. That being said, if you do park outside make sure to stay away from tress! Sap and berries can fall on your car and stain your paint!

These are some helpful tips for you to figure out what your car may need, however the best way to know is to come by so we can take a look at your paint when it's clean to make sure we can schedule the detail you need!

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