Splash #19

During the Covid-19 stay at home order, we were working hard to think about how we can help the community during this trying time. When we received the all clear to open back up (with restrictions) our main concern was to keep our employees and customers safe. In the lane we were doing exterior washes only. We also introduced a new detail service Splash #19. This service includes a complete interior disinfectant, and the #4 Wash Super Splash. The disinfectant used is hospital grade and safe on all surfaces!

Check out our Video for the #19!


While we have gone back to our normal washes somethings have changed. All employees going inside the cars are required to wear masks and gloves, all customers are encouraged to wear masks inside, and are more than welcome to stay in their car if doing exterior only. While it is important for us to try to get back to some type of normal safety is our utmost concern. The Splash #19 is still available by appointment only! Call or schedule online!

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