Steam Clean

We are offering a new Add-on for a limited time! During this time it’s important to keep surfaces all around you clean and disinfected. We are now offering a steam clean in the lane for $10 dollars. If you purchase a complete wash (#3, #4 or #5). Our Mini Plus Detail includes a steam clean of the interior but for a limited time we are offering a steam clean with our interior washes!

Steam is a natural way to clean the interior of your car without the need of heavy chemicals. The steam helps to kill germs and bacteria that live on surfaces and break down dirt and grime which makes it easier to wipe clean.



Another option to keep your cars germ free would be our Ozone Machine! The ozone machine is designed to deodorize, disinfect and kill irritating airborne particles in indoor environments. Putting the ozone machine inside your car for 20 minutes would be $20, or $35 for an hour. The ozone machine is great for cigarette, dog, mildew smell.

The Steam Clean is a limited time deal so make sure you come in for your wash and ask for the Steam!

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