Prevent Salt Damage to Your Car

After a pretty mild December we are heading into the rest of winter head on. Along with snow comes the salt. The Department of Transportation uses salt to help melt snow and ice on the roads. While road salt is crucial to winter driving to help increase safe driving, it can be very damaging to your car.


How Does Salt Damage My Car?

Salt speeds up the formation of rust. These are major areas to be mindful of when taking care of your car during the winter months. The frame and brakes are most susceptible to corrosion because the undercarriage of the car takes the brunt of salt, they would be the areas to rust out first. Chips or deep scratches in the paint are another area where rust forms with salt exposure. The paint on your car acts as a barrier from the salt, and when paint is missing there is no protection so rust speeds up even more.

How Can I Prevent Salt Damage?

Frequent car washes with an undercarriage spray will help to get the salt off in-between snowfalls. Filling in chips with touch up paint and a good coat of wax before winter will help protect your paint. If you have any problems with your brakes make sure to get them checked as soon as possible.


While there are some problems with the use of road salt, it is essential for safe winter driving. As long as you take care of your car and keep up with re

gular washes, the damage should be minimal.

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