Winterize your Car

Winter started early this year but it's still important to make sure you are ready for anything that Illinois weather could throw at you! Winter driving conditions can be hazardous due to factors such as snow and ice on the road. While it’s important that you are prepared for winter driving, it is also important that your car is up for the challenge Here are some tips to help make this winter season a little more bearable.

1. Check wiper blades and wiper fluid: With the amount of salt they use on the roads, some days your windshield will turn white in a matter of minutes. To ensure visibility when driving its important to be able to clean your windshield. If you've been meaning to replace the wiper blades for months, NOW is the time!

2. Consider buying snow tires: Winter tires range from $150-$200 per tire. If you are a new driver, or your car doesn't handle well during the snowy months it may be a good investment to change your tires.

3. Put together an emergency kit: You never know what can happen during the winter months, but that last thing you'd want is to be stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire or a dead battery. Some important things to keep in your car would be: jumper cables, flashlight, blankets, water, and an extra portable charger for your phone.

4. Protect your car's paint: With all of the salt, slush and snow your drive through in the winter it's important to add a level of protection to your paint. A good coat of wax will help protect against debris for about 3 month, which is perfect for the winter season!

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