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Summer is the time when a lot of people choose to take the time to wash their car themselves. We know that the feeling of having a beautifully clean car is great, but sometimes there's benefits to take your car to the car wash.


Benefits of Doing it Yourself:

1. $$$- It's no secret that washing your car yourself will save you money in the long run. Your main investment would be your soap, towels, and maybe an increased water bill. While a quality hand car wash would cost around $10-$40.

2. Washing your car by hand gives you the advantage to inspect every inch of your car, and see any damage that may not know about.


Benefits of Taking Your Car to the Car Wash:

1. Time- Your average car wash takes about 10-20 min, compared to the hour it takes to DIY. Everyone is so busy nowadays, saving 40 minutes can make a huge difference!

2. Washing your car with a hose doesn't give your enough water pressure to get a lot of the dirt and debris off your car. At the car wash we use high pressure to rinse your car thoroughly before washing, to ensure that when we start washing the dirt isn't getting rubbed into your paint.

3. SAVES THE ENVIRONMENT!- Washing your car at home, all of the soap and water runs off either in a storm drain, or your grass. When the soap, metals and sediments from your car gets into the storm drain it pollutes the water and endangers wild life. Not to mention it can kill your grass along your driveway! At the car wash the contaminants are trapped in the drain, removed by a water treatment system and disposed of correctly, with no harm to the environment!

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