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Ceramic Coating

The Ultimate Protection...

  • 72 hours
  • $1250-$1750
  • Peterson Road

Service Description

The ceramic protection is something that as we have done more cars the results have become something that has even surpassed our expectations. We use only the finest dual action polishers in the world that come in a variety of sizes which allow us to handle even the smallest areas on the exterior of the vehicle. Rupes polishers are regarded as the best polishers simply because of the the history of the company as well as the latest technology in the dual action space. Unlike other polishers, such as rotary or orbital buffers, a dual action is able to create no residual heat and create a very even distribution of compound to the area being worked on. this allows difficult colors like blacks and dark blues to come out looking like a mirror. the same stipulations apply, on how we do not do any sort of paint correction work below the surface of the clear coat and this needs to be considered before putting and ceramic on. The best vehicle profile that we would recommend a ceramic coating for is a car that is at least six months old in terms of when it left the factory. This is important because the paint needs to cure all the way before interacting with the ceramic. The other vehicle profile that would be well complimented is a new used car, it is okay if it is a few years old, the first test we will do is using the paint thickness gauge we will be able to determine if it is suitable. Our ceramic protection comes with a 2 year guarantee that the water will be beading up and your car will restore back to its brilliance after a wash every time. The two years is based on the cars we tested being driven everyday and parked outside. If you're serious about protecting you vehicle please give us a call for a consultation to see if the ceramic protection is right for you.

Contact Details

  • 185 Peterson Road, Libertyville, IL, USA

    + 847-247-4808

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